OBM pro

OBM-Project: A web based application for managing and tracking many types of projects..


- Manage Time and activity
- Project or business management
- Organize your document
- Accouting follow-up

Benefits :

- Up-to-date project information is available to team leaders online in real-time
=> Each user can access instantly its own datas
- Use the monitoring tools to follow performance of team.
=> reduces the Project Manager’s workload by providing him with accurate and reliable tools for decision making Improves ressource and time management
- Web based, easy-to-use and intuitive application
=> Regardless of where your team leader is working he can still collaborate effectively, check time allocation, follow the level of achievement of project, and assign new tasks a customized Web-based application
=> You can customize your Obm-Project solution and make it evolve as far as you need

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OBM is a software distributed under the GPL and maintained by the company.
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