OBM pro
OBM-LDAP is a centralized LDAP directories and network services management tool.


OBM-LDAP regroups several network functionalities. OBM-LDAP is built on a robust platform designed to enable SSO or identity federation.

OBM-LDAP standard features provide you with management tools for :
- Users and groups ;
- Organizational chats, facebooks, internal directories
- Whole messaging system (through OBM-Mail and OBM-GroupWare)
- Windows domain (through Samba)
- Internet Acces (through Squid)
- Authentication for any services based on LDAP..


- Manage user, group or services with large functionalities for contact folders, white papers, face books and organigramms.
- Easy-to-use interface designed for user
- Manage your LDAP directory without effort
- Provisioning du LDAP à chaud, sans interruption de service,
- Hot back-up your data for a instant restore

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OBM is a software distributed under the GPL and maintained by the company.
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