OBM pro

An open source Groupware offering advanced and customized applications to fit your needs.

Why choosing « a tailored » solution

- Messaging, goupware, CRM, project management...
- Outlook ® , Thunderbird and mobile devicesconnector
- Customized features
- We take into account existing IT infrastructure
- We offer training sessions, support and change managementt

OBM is totaly customized for your needs !
OBM is a full web solution. It has already been adopted by a good many of large organizations !

Discover all OBM references !

Your OBM benefits :

- With a tailored OBM solution benefits from our certified engineers skills and experience!
- OBM is perfectly compatible with all sort of operating systems.
- We take into account existing datas such as database, LDAP directory…
- Your project is our project! We grow the entire project with you from specification to integration!
- We adapt OBM to your specific needs if required.

Instereted in OBM On Demand ? Please, contact our sales representative !.

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OBM is a software distributed under the GPL and maintained by the company.
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