OBM pro

You waste too much time and money with your own email server? Take it easy and cheap with OBM-OnLine! Benefits from all advantages of our web based messaging and groupware solution

OBM Online alleviates your burden of equipping a device with every application, running the application on your own web servers and taking care of software maintenance .

Why choosing OBM OnLine ?

- Cheap, no implementation necessary
- Messaging, shared calendar, contact list, shared document
- Connector for Outlook, thunderbird, PDA and smartphones
- Web 2.0 interface - Full web solution : anytime, anywhere, any device
- Support / assistance

Offer avaible since spring 2008.

If you want to read more about OBM ONLINE, click on the screenshot above or on this link : http://online.obm.org

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OBM is a software distributed under the GPL and maintained by the company.
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