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See OBM-Groupware with some screenshots. Click on each thumbnail to see large format.

Shared Calendar

Discover the most powerful shared calendar multi-users and multi-views in graphical mode for a group of employees.

PNG - 93.1 kb
Multi-users calendar for weeks

PNG - 145.2 kb
Other view of multi-users calendar for weeks

PNG - 86.1 kb
Search slots for creation of a reunion

PNG - 79.3 kb
Creating resource group

PNG - 118.7 kb
Creating appointement in calendar with a resource booking

Shared contacts

OBM manages databases of all your customers and prospects. Coupled with a powerful search engine, you can easily find details of all your contacts.

PNG - 203.1 kb
Searching for a contact

PNG - 149.9 kb
Editing a contact

Tasks and projects management

Tasks, participants, progress... Thanks to time management, follow your projects in real time!

PNG - 169.6 kb
Managing time

PNG - 93.3 kb
Planning monthly with underway projects

PNG - 165.4 kb
Managing a project

Shared documents

OBM is a tool that enables you to store and share a large number of documents related or not your clients and projects underway.

PNG - 129 kb
Documents Storage

PNG - 191.8 kb
Research in documents

PNG - 57.6 kb
Sheet detail of a document

Mobile device synchronisation

Thanks to connectors Outlook, Thunderbird / Ligthining and Smartphones/PDA synchronize calendars OBM.

PNG - 131.4 kb
Multi-users calendar

PNG - 48.1 kb
Outlook calendar synchronized with OBM

PNG - 148.6 kb
Ligthning (Thunderbird) calendar synchronized with OBM

PNG - 196 kb
PDA calendar (windows mobile 2005) synchronized with OBM

PNG - 368.2 kb
PDA calendar (sous Symbian) synchronized with OBM

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