OBM pro
OBM-Groupware is an Open Source collaborative solution based on web technology: make your teams work together, share information and collaborate through an intranet.

OBM-Groupware functionality

-  Shared Calendar
-  Shared contacts
-  Time and project management
-  Shared documents
-  Mobile device synchronization (Outlook®, Thunderbird/Lightning and Smartphones)

Combined with Obm-Mail, Obm-Groupware is The solution to switch to an open source collaborative experience!.


- OBM-Groupware is built on full open source architecture
- Thanks to its full web technology, OBM lets you check and manage your calendar from any Internet connected computer
- Use Outlook®, Thunderbird/Lightning and Smartphones, for email, contacts, and calendar
- Enjoy the elegant interface based on Ajax Web standards (Drag and Drop your meeting on your calendar!)
- Many customers have already chosen OBM !
- OBM is referenced on wikipedia as an open source groupware solution
- Fully scalable from 5 to 100 000 users

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OBM is a software distributed under the GPL and maintained by the company.
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