OBM pro
OBM-Mail is a complete full web messaging solution built to offer effortless administration. Its architecture has been designed with the best open source stacks.

OBM-Mail features

- Easy administration through a user-friendly interface
- Personnal or shared mail boxes
- Unlimited number of email addresses per user
- User groups and mailing lists management
- Quota management
- Multi–domains
- Various user and administrator profiles
- Simplified tools for users (password management, message forwarding, automatic reply…)
- Security : antivirus and antispams

Combined with OBM-Groupware and OBM-LDAP, OBM-Mail is the ultimate Open Source solution to deploy or migrate your messaging system. OBM-Mail offers unmatched benefits to both users and administrators:

- Highly scalable messaging system (up to 100 000+ users!)
- Based on the most reliable open source stacks (Postfix, Cyrus, OpenLDAP…)
- Advanced features (quotas management, shared mailboxes, message forwarding…)
- Go your own way : webmail, local email application…
- Groupware: shared contacts and calendar
- Use Outlook®, Thunderbird/Lightning and Smartphones, for email, contacts, and calendar

Obm-Mail Benefits

Use our tools to reach distributed process and high performance delivering:
- Postfix directives are supported directly in LDAP,
- Distributed architecture to reach high level of disponibility.

Specific development has been made for email applications:
- Outlook® (synchronization, migration tools for calendars and contact, “invisible” migration, integration of messaging and CRM),
- Thunderbird (tool kit to migrate and to configure automatically email application).

Ex : When you configure a computer, enter the user login and configure automatically and fully your email application recovering parameters from an LDAP server.

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OBM is a software distributed under the GPL and maintained by the company.
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